Tips on Audio Considerations When Setting Up Your Home Theater

Planning to set up your own home theater at home? Consider these tips on your audio considerations. For video Considerations, visit our post here:

  1. As a general rule of thumb, bigger speakers tend to be capable of delivering higher volume levels, better
    dynamics and more bass, though you shouldn’t just assume that rings true with every product – it’s all
  2. Placing your speakers closer to the back wall will give you more bass, while further away will decrease the
    low end you hear but should offer more convincing stereo imaging.
  3. Do try and avoid placing your speakers in a corner. Despite how convenient it may be spatially, you’ll get fat,
    lumpy bass that’ll skew the whole balance.
  4. It’s as important that your speakers are level and don’t rock – a sturdy speaker is a happy speaker.
  5. Let your speakers run-in (100 hours) or so
  6. Lastly, position speakers at listener’s ear level for best sound. Left and Right channels can be in-line with the
    center channel’s height. If not, center channel can be leveled or positioned above the TV but should be
    tilted down to the listener.