Smart Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Smart Lighting ideas for your home

Lighting influences the mood and atmosphere of your home, whether you are aiming for comfort and convenience for you and for your family or to set a certain ambiance for your guests. Lighting can transform your home into a place of doing the things that you are passionate about. It produces different emotional responses which amplify your mood for something ‐ throwing a party, a romantic dinner, movie night, reading a book, entertaining friends, welcoming guests, preparing a meal or just cozying up on the sofa.

Automate your home with Control4 and create lighting scenes that you can customize for every room in the house. Setting the scene, whether it’s a romantic dinner or a  movie night with family, it’s as easy as pressing a button. You can use many tools for lighting such as: LED lights, lamps. overhead lights, chandeliers, accent lights, etc. Here are Control 4 Smart Lighting ideas for your home that will get you started:

  1. One touch of a button that turn all lighting for a given room on/off; not just one light.
  2. Double‐tap the same button to turn everything )lighting, electronics, devices, etc.) in the room off.
  3. Lights flash in your garage when someone rings the doorbell.
  4. When the garage door opens after dark the lights automatically turn on, leading up to your door.
  5. Motion sensors in key areas can signal the automation system to switch off lights when a room has been vacant for a period of time.
  6. Landscape lighting can turn on automatically at sunset and off again at sunrise.
  7. A bedtime scene can set bedside lamps at a level just low enough for comfortable reading.
  8. With the touch of an “All Off’ button, all the lights in your entire home turn off.
  9. Midnight snack ‐ just enough light to make your way to the refrigerator and back without disturbing family members.
  10. Motion sensing ‐ at night when motion is sensed. ramp lights to 15% (just enough light to see, and not to be blinded).
  11. Turn off lights automatically each morning when kids leave for school.
  12. if the natural light in the room is less than 50% lights adjust to 50%. If natural light is less than 40%, lights adjust to 60% and so on. This helps for when the shades are drawn or on a cloudy day in the middle of summer.
  13. Landscape lighting ‐ have the lights come on brighter at sunset but dim to 20% at 11 PM to conserve energy.

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