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What is Wireless Lighting

Wireless lighting is guaranteed to complement the beauty of any home, new or old, large or small. Customizable buttons allow you to control more than just lighting—including music, movies, and more—with a simple press. Turn on/off multiple rooms or the entire house with one tap, have the lights illuminate in the theater when the pause button is pressed, and lights can turn off automatically when the room is unoccupied. Your home can even alternate lights to appear occupied while you’re away.

Get started with the magic of Control 4 smart lighting in just one room, or brighten up the entire house.

Wireless lighting provides sophisticated style in sleek color configurations, guaranteed to complement the beauty of your home. Customizable buttons allow you to control more than just lighting—including music, movies and more—with a simple press. Turn on or off multiple rooms, or the entire house, with one tap. Motion sensors provide hands-free illumination and automatically turn off lights when no one is in the room. Your home can even alternate lights to appear occupied while you’re away.

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What is Voice Controlled Lighting?

Speak up! Your house is listening. Voice control is one of the most unbelievable things that a Smart Home could do. Through the integration of Amazon Alexa, you can tell your house what to do—whether it’s turning off all lights or turning all of it on, etc. 

If you have Control4 Smart Lighting, you can add immediate out-of-the-box voice control of your lights with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. Ask Alexa to light the way when you walk into the house with your arms full. Set the mood easily by asking Alexa to lower the dining room lights to 40%. Or turn off every light at once from the comfort of your bed covers when it’s time to turn in.

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Smart Home Automation ‐ Personalize Your Comfort Settings

A smart home is one that provides comfort and convenience. With Control4 automation system, you will enjoy personalized comfort and convenience that delivers energy-efficient climate control that can be activated on a schedule, and can be integrated with your existing HVAC (heating, ventilation, and airconditioning), radiant flooring, forced air, dual fuel and geothermal systems. Manage your pool and spa, adjust your temperature and humidity according to season and weather conditions. You can also automate your sprinklers and lawn systems.

Enjoy a consistently comfortable and inviting home that automatically responds to your life and maximizes energy savings. Maintain consistent temperature through wireless thermostats, program your window shades, automate your sprinklers, and easily control your fireplace sensors are among the many things that you can do do personalize your comfort settings with Control 4.

Comfort and Convenience That Only a Smart Home Can Bring

A smart home brings you a consistently comfortable and inviting home that automatically responds to your life and maximizes energy savings. It’s comfort and convenience at its best that only a smart home can bring. Smart, Comfortable and Convenient are the main benefits of having a smart home. Being comfortable encompasses more than just adjusting the temperature. Control humidity levels, automate shades, power on the hot tub on your way home, and program your entire house for maximum energy efficiency. Control4 works with the world’s leading brands, so it’s easy to integrate your automation system with radiant flooring, forced air, dual fuel and geothermal systems.

Smart and energy efficient climate control:

  • Wireless thermostats maintain consistent temperature and humidity control, regardless of the time of day or season.
  • Enjoy personalized comfort settings that can be recalled on a schedule or with just a few taps on your phone or touch screen.
  • Pool and spa controls make it easy to turn on the heat, set the temperature or crank the jets instantly, right from your smartphone.
  • Fireplace sensors are easily controlled from any device within the home. Press the customized “Romance” button and enjoy.
  • Program your window shades to lower during the hottest hours of the day, saving on air conditioning costs.
  • Automate your sprinklers and lawn systems to respond to weather conditions.


Beyond Innovations Inc. and Cardinal Audio Roadshow

Following the success of our previous dealer roadshows, Beyond Innovations Inc. and Cardinal Audio are hosting a roadshow where the following products are available for showcase and demo:

  • Denon AVR X2500H
  • Q Acoustics 3050
  • Revel F35
  • Q Acoustics 3090

The showcase is located at V-328, 3/F, Virra Mall Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila from Sep. 18 to 24, 2018. For inquiries and details, visit our Facebook page.

Beyond Innovations Inc. and Cardinal Audio Roadshow

Benefits of Smart Home Automation for the Busy and Tired

In this age of technology and given with so many choices to choose from with our time, everyone is busy with something these days. But we all have a share of coming home tired from work or whatever activity did we sink our teeth into for the day, so exhausted that we just crash on the sofa never wanting to move one bit. But you have to get up because you need to dim the lights and turn on the AC. And then, you suddenly remember to postpone sleep and just have a relaxing time for a bit. A movie night, perhaps?

This is where how you could appreciate more the idea of a smart home. Let alone a Smart home that matches your lifestyle. Smart Lighting and smart entertainment come into play. The total home theater experience. Automatically dim your lights when your movie starts to play. Since your smart house “knows” when you’re watching something, it can respond appropriately when distractions intrude on your viewing experience by pausing the movie, raising the lights and notifying you that someone is at the door. So many entertainment options and all of these in just a press of a button from a Control4 menu on an Ipad or any other Control4 touch screens in the house.

Here’s an excerpt of a tour of one posh penthouse in San Antonio, one of Control4 smart home stories:

Having already lived with automation at his ranch home and his company office, Richard knew a space of this size could truly take advantage of all things automation. “Home automation in a place like this is almost a must,” he says. The Control4 system controls myriad elements, including shades, lighting, and climate. “It has about every bell and whistle you’d want,” Richard notes. There are four entertainment centers on the system, eight televisions, and eight surround sound systems. LED lighting throughout the unit is on the system, including the blue highlights built into the bar. Richard is especially glad he decided to include the doorbell on the system because now he gets a text when someone rings the doorbell and he’s there. Automation has added a lot of convenience and has made a ton of clutter disappear. Richard replaced 77 remotes with one Control4 remote. “I had all these different remotes, for the TVs, the cable boxes, Amazon, Apple TV, the sound system, the fans,” Richard explains. “I was able to reduce all of that down to one portable. And it works! It’s totally reliable.”

Not surprisingly, and more than anything, this penthouse was built for entertaining, which automation supports in many ways. “Welcome” sensors detect when guests enter a room and automatically turn on lights and start the music. Even before Richard arrives, he can trigger the three in-house ice-makers remotely to start cranking out ice for a party. People operate the system using SR-260 handheld remotes, 7-inch touch screens, or their iPhones. Richard’s personal favorite feature? Having his beloved McIntosh sound system included in the automation. Now, he can adjust specific settings like the audio equalizer via Control4. “You just push a button and, boom, it sets it all up for you.”

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Reduce Your Energy Bill To At Least 20% With Therm-Aire Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning System

Therm-Aire Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning Systems

Designed to be the most efficient Air Conditioning solution available in the Philippines today, it operates at a lower running cost of power consumption providing monthly electricity savings and also extending the operational life of the unit itself. Therm-Aire is certified by the Singapore Green Building Council as Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP 2016-569) last July 29, 2016.

Therm-Aire Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning systems offer a significant reduction in the consumption of electricity versus both inverter and even greater savings to conventional air conditioning technologies by harnessing the ambient temperature of the environment and using it to your advantage. Our recent projects have given our valued clients savings of at least 20%  versus Inverters, and in excess of 50% savings on conventional air conditioning units.

Unlike the conventional and inverter air conditioning systems, Therm-Aire utilizes thermal collector (to convert both solar as well as ambient energy) to superheat the refrigerant to convert it from a low pressure, low-temperature gas into a high pressure, high-temperature gas, reducing reliance on the compressor. The compressor’s primary function is to serve as a pump to push the refrigerant around the system.

Through a combination of our proprietary solar thermal technology, solar absorption medium and refrigerant, our system works such that the major work of superheating the refrigerant is done almost totally by our solar collector, thereby drastically reducing the workload of the compressor. This translates into huge reduction in electricity consumption as the energy consumed by the work of the compressor constitutes more than 80% of the air conditioning system.

Also, unlike Photo-voltaic cell Solar System, Therm-Aire still saves energy even if its thermal collector has no direct exposure to sunlight. The thermal collector has three main components: Storage Tank, Evacuated Tubes and Gel Mixture. The Storage Tank contains a Gel Mixture that absorbs the solar/thermal energy collected by the Evacuated Tubes. This special gel has the capacity to store the heat up to 96 hours after being exposed to direct sunlight or an ambient temperature of 26 degrees Celsius or higher. The copper pipes carrying the refrigerant from the Evaporator passes through the Tubes containing the heated Gel thus increasing the temperature of the refrigerant before it enters the compressor again.

In addition to employing Green Technologies as a means of reducing operating costs, our systems also promote a better indoor environment by improving the comfort level, by controlling the Relative Humidity (RH) and maintaining ideal RH levels between 40% to 50%, this reduces the growth of fungi and moulds in addition to reducing the risk of Respiratory Infections. Our systems have been exclusively used for almost 15 years by the UNITED NATIONS (U.N) in Medical, Pharmaceutical and Humanitarian facilities around the world with unparalleled success

Therm-Aire Solar (Thermal) Hybrid Air Conditioning systems are compliant to Philippine corporation Environmental Action Plan by reducing Energy consumption, creating reduction of Green House gases and establishing a smaller carbon footprint than any other Air Conditioner available in the Philippine market today. Additionally,  Therm-Aire Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning systems address guidelines and criteria for compliance of Green Purchase Guidelines for suppliers as well as meeting the standards of Environmental Safety & Health Programs.

JBL Store SM Bacoor Grand Opening

Tuesday, June 5, 2018, The grand opening of the JBL Store SM Bacoor concept store. It’s the 14th store in addition to its growing number of chain of concept and pop-up stores. Check out its soft opening here. To celebrate the grand opening, JBL Store holds a 3-day sale of up to 50% off on selected JBL and Harman Kardon products. The lucky winner of the Count the Boombox Challenge held on JBL Store’s Facebook page was also invited to celebrate with the store’s grand opening and to claim his prize as well.

Beyond Innovations Inc., Harman Local, and Harman International Executives grace the event to celebrate this milestone of reaching out to the loyal patrons and valued customers in the Cavite and neighboring areas. And to fully create the epic and immersive sound experience, JBL Store invited, Mojofly, it is one of the popular pop-rock bands in the country with hit songs like Mata and Tumatakbo for a live performance. Moreover, there is a product demonstration of JBL products showcasing the newly launched Bar Series.

The JBL Bar Series soundbars deliver an epic cinematic experience with plug and play simplicity. There are four in the series to choose from; tailor-fitted to every movie lover out there. With JBL surround sound, Dolby digital, and wireless Bluetooth streaming, it will definitely raise the bar of movie experience at home. Now, anyone can get a chance to come home to cinema-quality sound with JBL Bar Series.

As the leader in revolutionary sound, Beyond Innovations Inc. and JBL continue to push and innovate audio and video boundaries to provide customers unparalleled experience. The JBL Store SM Bacoor is located at the 4th level of Cyberzone. It is open from Monday to Sunday to provide its customers with epic and immersive sound.

Check out some of the event photos below:

For more updates, Like @JBLstore on Facebook and Follow @JBLstoreph on Instagram.

JBL Store SM Bacoor Grand Opening – Count the Boombox

Count all the Boombox that you can see in the photo and win an exclusive JBL Store package.


  1. Post your answer in the comment section of the Facebook contest post and tag five of your friends.
  2. Like our Facebook page, JBL Store.
  3. Share the Facebook contest post publicly on your Timeline and use hashtag: #JBLstoreSMBacoor
  4. There will be a raffle from the pool of correct answers.
  5. Winner will receive a special gift pack from JBL Store.
  6. Winner will be announced on June 3, 2018, Sunday PM.
  7. Special gift prize shall be claimed at SM Bacoor on June 5, 2018 at the Grand Opening. Winner should confirm on June 3 of his or her availability to claim the prize (winner’s presence is a must).
  8. Failure to confirm the availability of the winner to claim his or her prize during the grand opening, JBL Store shall pick another winner.

Here’s a clue:

Count all the Boombox that you can see in the photo. 😉



You have to count all the Boombox that you can see. And, the answer is 14.

The winner is, Ferdinand Angeles! Congratulations, Ferdinand! We would like to thank everyone who joined and participated in this little game. Watch out for more games and surprises as we are going to keep them coming. Thank you.

JBL Store Opens at SM Bacoor, Cavite

JBL Store is opening soon at SM Bacoor, to cater to customers who are residing in Cavite and the neighboring cities and towns. The store has its flagship lineup of home speakers, portable bluetooth speakers, soundbars, headphones and other JBL products that aim to immerse its listeners with epic sound. It’s the 14th store in addition to the growing chain of JBL stores in the country, product demos of different system set‐up will also be offered.

JBL Store Bacoor will also launch exclusive promos to celebrate its soft‐opening on May 15, 2018. The store is located at the 4th Floor, Cyberzone, SM Bacoor. Among the exclusive promos is the Epic Sound Deals where customers can get up to 50% discount on selected items until May 20, 2018. Visit the store and join the JBL family in celebrating its soft‐opening on May 15 and to get more details of the promos and exclusive offers.

JBL Store SM Bacoor, Cavite
JBL Store SM Bacoor soft opening.