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Air Conditioning System that uses solar power through solar thermal energy conversion. Therm-Aire Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning System is engineered to produce the most reliable, cost-competitive, predictable, clean energy by harnessing the inexhaustible energy sources of the sun. It is one of the most efficient and cost effective solutions for air conditioning – commercial and industrial as it drastically reduces monthly spending on energy. It can be used anywhere, as long as the sun shines. And it is the perfect choice for any business. Our manufacture processes are ISO certified.

HVAC Systems Consultation

HVAC System is a sophisticated system and therefore requires a comprehensive service.The best way to help you get the HVAC requirements that you need is through a site visit or ocular inspection to deliver exactly the right HVAC for your home and comfort. The ocular inspection gives us a chance to see what the floor plan or lay-out does not let us see. It enables us to determine which type of unit will be placed where, and at what capacity will we be meeting your needs. This will also give us a better idea on construction. We call this the Heat Load Capacity.

Therm-Aire AC Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning, Data Monitoring.

When our technician come to the site, they gather everything to get the whole picture, and present to you design options of the system according to your needs and your current situation. Once you have chosen a design from the options we have provided, we will then submit a costing of equipment to be used, and installation for our accredited dealers or installers. A timeline to schedule the delivery, installation and start-up of units will be provided, it includes: mounting of the outdoor and indoor units, refrigerant line piping, condensate drain line piping, and the power supply assembly for the air conditioning unit. And to complete the entire process, after installation, we will conduct testing and commissioning which includes charging of refrigerant and data monitoring. The whole process is the same with any popular brand of conventional and inverted AC units. The only difference is the addition of our patented Thermal Collector.

Therm-Aire AC System Repair and Preventive Maintenance Services

Our service technicians are equipped to provide you with sophisticated expertise on system repair and maintenance solutions. System repair and maintenance of Therm-Aire air conditioning system includes unit parts replacement, Freon charging, system reprocessing, and relocation and dismantling. We also provide preventive maintenance services which includes cleaning and declogging dirt from the unit to ensure that your Therm-Aire air conditiong system is providing you a standard indoor air quality. A dirty unit decreases the efficiency of the unit. But with properly maintained HVAC system, your unit will work at optimum energy efficiency, delivery excellent cool comfort and performance while prolonging the equipment’s life span.

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