Make your home even more beautiful and sophisticated with a high-tech home automation system in place – Control4. These residential properties in different locations in the Philippines will certainly catch your attention. We have designed, installed and equipped these properties with Control4 smart lighting that changes the atmosphere in your home and transforms the way you live. The lights can be controlled wirelessly by a smart phone or tablet. These homes were loaded with top-of-the-line appliances – wireless Bluetooth multi-room audio and video systems, smart tv, and voice-activated control systems that respond to your home entertainment needs, etc. – for smart home entertainment and music. And also with smart AC where temperature can be controlled, and determines your comfort preferences and will let you save up on energy costs. Whether you live in an urban subdivision or in a condo unit or even in a house by the ocean with all the sides of it in complete glass as shown in one of our projects in Punta Fuego, Control4, a smart home automation technology, elevates your property to modern architecture for a living experience that is comfortable, convenient, safe and connected.