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Innovative testing is the very foundation of Wireworld's technological advances in design, materials and performance. With the invention of the CES Innovations Award winning Cable Comparator™ (US Patent #5,740,255), we created a tool that allowed us to instantly compare cables to the only scientific reference standard for cable fidelity, a direct connection between components.
  • • Chemically improve, protect, cleans and rejuvenates metal connections and contacts. • Deoxit contains 100% Deoxit D100L which improves conductivity, deoxidizes, cleans and preserves. • 2ml Tube

  • • The same advanced design as the Starlight 7 USB, built with less silver to save cost, Ultraviolet’s surprising musicality proves that Wireworld’s superior designs produce the best value and sound quality in USB audio cables. Exceeds official USB high speed specifications. • Ultraviolet USB A to B 1.0M

  • The superior quality of Wireworld’s exclusive Gold-Tube™ RCA plugs and oxygen-free copper conductors produce real improvements in sound quality.

  • • Rackmount Power Strip Male Power Inlet • High quality US outlets • OFC Star-wired

  • Wireworld Banana Plug w/ ABS Shell

  • Luna’s small size and dynamic sound has made it Wireworld’s most popular speaker cable for custom installations and budget music systems.

  • Stream 7 provides cleaner and punchier sound than other cables twice its size.

  • iWorld utilizes standard coaxial conductor geometry, but its conductor spacing has been fine tuned to produce superior clarity and dynamic expression.

  • Purely dynamic, designed to absorb noise and block interference, Wireworld’s innovative Fluxfield™ power cords have been upgraded to Series 7 with Composilex 2 insulation for surprisingly vivid sound and imaging. Unlike all other cords, they were developed through direct comparisons to battery power, the ultimate in sonic and visual purity. Their elegant plugs feature silver-clad […]

  • Oasis 7 is the most cost effective cable that utilizes Wireworld’s superior Quad DNA Helix cable design and Silver-Tube™ plugs to dramatically improve the definition and dynamics of popularly-priced AV systems

  • With Oxygen-Free Copper conductors in Wireworld’s unique Dual DNA Helix cable design, Luna 7 provides superior imaging and expressive dynamics, while the Composilex 2 insulation improves focus and clarity.