The Difference Between Amplifier and Receiver

AVR or Audio Video Receiver, the main difference above everything else is the video processing. All media players connect to the AVR then AVR to the TV. AVR is mostly used for home theaters rather than Hifi Stereo.

Integrated Amplifier, usually powers two speakers for stereo listening, it can’t process video. Integrated mean it has a pre-amp and power amp built in one component for convenience.

Power Amplifier, powers speakers and is capable of giving out higher power output for more demanding speakers. Sometimes it is used to connect speakers in parallel. It may need a pre-amp to play certain sources like turntables.

Pre-amplifier pre-processes (amplifies) the weakest sound signal before transferring to an amp/power amp. This is sometimes needed because some sound signal is too weak to be amplified by an amp/power amp. Usually used to further enhance the listening experience as this allows the power amp to amplify a clearer sound signal.

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