Start your Smart Home with Bright Possibilities

Tired of figuring out which switch turns of a specific light? Worried you forgot to turn off the lights in your house? Need to turn on your lights while you’re away? Want to set your lights to a specific mood? Eliminate all these worries with Control 4’s smart solutions. Apart from the ease and peace of mind smart automation provides, it can also effectively influence the ambience of a home while providing convenience and energy efficiency.

Control 4 offers you smart solutions that can provide you ease, comfort and something your family will love whether your home is small or big, old or new.


There are a lot of products in the market but they have never worked in seamless orchestration; Control 4 integrates those products in just 1 system. With Control 4, you can use them all in just one touch of your mobile phone or just a simple button-press of the remote, tablet or even your apple watch.

With these you can control your elegant smart lights at home; have them turn on or off by just using the C4 app or remote, set a timer, or even dim them. You can illuminate the pathway as soon as you are about to arrive home, the pool lighting when you plan to go for a dip at night and your yard to keep your home safe.  You no longer need to roam around your house turning off all the lights at night. With just one button press, you can turn off all the lights in the area you want and lower window shades.


You can even add Amazon Alexa-enabled devices to voice control the lights in your home. Ask Alexa to light the walkway to the garden and even dim it to 30%. And lastly, before going to bed, command Alexa to turn off your lights before you doze off. Ultimately, all of these bright possibilities are endless with Control 4.

To see #C4yourself, watch ANCX’s video feature on Julius Babao’s Casa Uccelo; Compliments his family’s modern taste of unique architecture, artworks and furniture pieces, Control 4 made achieving elegance easier by using Alexa and smart lighting feature in his home.


Julius Babao explains his collections

Architect Jason Buensalido of Buensalido + Architects explains Casa Uccelo

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