Reduce Your Energy Bill To At Least 20% With Therm-Aire Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning System

Therm-Aire Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning Systems

Designed to be the most efficient Air Conditioning solution available in the Philippines today, it operates at a lower running cost of power consumption providing monthly electricity savings and also extending the operational life of the unit itself. Therm-Aire is certified by the Singapore Green Building Council as Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP 2016-569) last July 29, 2016.

Therm-Aire Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning systems offer a significant reduction in the consumption of electricity versus both inverter and even greater savings to conventional air conditioning technologies by harnessing the ambient temperature of the environment and using it to your advantage. Our recent projects have given our valued clients savings of at least 20%  versus Inverters, and in excess of 50% savings on conventional air conditioning units.

Unlike the conventional and inverter air conditioning systems, Therm-Aire utilizes thermal collector (to convert both solar as well as ambient energy) to superheat the refrigerant to convert it from a low pressure, low-temperature gas into a high pressure, high-temperature gas, reducing reliance on the compressor. The compressor’s primary function is to serve as a pump to push the refrigerant around the system.

Through a combination of our proprietary solar thermal technology, solar absorption medium and refrigerant, our system works such that the major work of superheating the refrigerant is done almost totally by our solar collector, thereby drastically reducing the workload of the compressor. This translates into huge reduction in electricity consumption as the energy consumed by the work of the compressor constitutes more than 80% of the air conditioning system.

Also, unlike Photo-voltaic cell Solar System, Therm-Aire still saves energy even if its thermal collector has no direct exposure to sunlight. The thermal collector has three main components: Storage Tank, Evacuated Tubes and Gel Mixture. The Storage Tank contains a Gel Mixture that absorbs the solar/thermal energy collected by the Evacuated Tubes. This special gel has the capacity to store the heat up to 96 hours after being exposed to direct sunlight or an ambient temperature of 26 degrees Celsius or higher. The copper pipes carrying the refrigerant from the Evaporator passes through the Tubes containing the heated Gel thus increasing the temperature of the refrigerant before it enters the compressor again.

In addition to employing Green Technologies as a means of reducing operating costs, our systems also promote a better indoor environment by improving the comfort level, by controlling the Relative Humidity (RH) and maintaining ideal RH levels between 40% to 50%, this reduces the growth of fungi and moulds in addition to reducing the risk of Respiratory Infections. Our systems have been exclusively used for almost 15 years by the UNITED NATIONS (U.N) in Medical, Pharmaceutical and Humanitarian facilities around the world with unparalleled success

Therm-Aire Solar (Thermal) Hybrid Air Conditioning systems are compliant to Philippine corporation Environmental Action Plan by reducing Energy consumption, creating reduction of Green House gases and establishing a smaller carbon footprint than any other Air Conditioner available in the Philippine market today. Additionally,  Therm-Aire Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning systems address guidelines and criteria for compliance of Green Purchase Guidelines for suppliers as well as meeting the standards of Environmental Safety & Health Programs.