In this modern age, it is not new for us to hear about automation and motorization. On most days, we often use either of the two without us realizing it.

But what do we know about automation and motorization? How is automation different from motorization? Motorized simply means that the appliance or equipment we use are being controlled by a battery-powered remote. We often find this technology in the air-condition, TV and now there are curtains, windows, gates among other that are being controlled by a remote. Light switch, ceiling fan and other things that we can switch on and off manually by certain switches are also considered as motorization.

However, automation on the other hand is a “little” different. Yes, little because automated appliance also uses a motor, but it is being programmed to function automatically via commands that are set using a computer.


Automation is controlling certain areas in your home, office or even your car without needing human intervention. Some automation is being set on one device that control all appliances inside your home, offices, car, etc it can be set through a smart phone or tablet, most of the time we encounter them as voice assistants like “Alexa” or Google Home. Automation can be programmed to set high and low temperature for air-conditioning, set your light to different mood and the setting could depend on the time of the day, as well as the security and privacy needs. In automation, you can schedule the use of the utility in your home and control what vibe you want to feel for a day.


The choice between the two depends on the owner’s preference. If a person is most likely on a budget and still can keep up to a motorized appliance, or would rather use a battery-controlled remote to switch on and off the lights, the T.V. set, or the lampshade; it’s totally fine! Most of the older generation would prefer this, because the mindset is that “It’s just a simple thing to do daily though.” But, if a person has some extra budget, or they just really prefer the convenience of an automated home, office or car, they would go beyond! Because for them, it is not just convenience, it is also being wise with the use of their time, energy and being smart for their safety and privacy. All the more, both motorized and automated are made in this modern generation, but if you would prefer to be more advanced go for the latter.


The good news is, automating motorized items is not that complicated now a days! If you’re still thinking about it, I would suggest that you go beyond and start your smart home or your smart office. Take that ordinary-day-to-day-routine out of your mindset, but instead replace it with saving your time to have a more enjoyable and playful smart life. Now, do you want talk about this? Schedule a consultation now.