Benefits of Smart Home Automation for the Busy and Tired

In this age of technology and given with so many choices to choose from with our time, everyone is busy with something these days. But we all have a share of coming home tired from work or whatever activity did we sink our teeth into for the day, so exhausted that we just crash on the sofa never wanting to move one bit. But you have to get up because you need to dim the lights and turn on the AC. And then, you suddenly remember to postpone sleep and just have a relaxing time for a bit. A movie night, perhaps?

This is where how you could appreciate more the idea of a smart home. Let alone a Smart home that matches your lifestyle. Smart Lighting and smart entertainment come into play. The total home theater experience. Automatically dim your lights when your movie starts to play. Since your smart house “knows” when you’re watching something, it can respond appropriately when distractions intrude on your viewing experience by pausing the movie, raising the lights and notifying you that someone is at the door. So many entertainment options and all of these in just a press of a button from a Control4 menu on an Ipad or any other Control4 touch screens in the house.

Here’s an excerpt of a tour of one posh penthouse in San Antonio, one of Control4 smart home stories:

Having already lived with automation at his ranch home and his company office, Richard knew a space of this size could truly take advantage of all things automation. “Home automation in a place like this is almost a must,” he says. The Control4 system controls myriad elements, including shades, lighting, and climate. “It has about every bell and whistle you’d want,” Richard notes. There are four entertainment centers on the system, eight televisions, and eight surround sound systems. LED lighting throughout the unit is on the system, including the blue highlights built into the bar. Richard is especially glad he decided to include the doorbell on the system because now he gets a text when someone rings the doorbell and he’s there. Automation has added a lot of convenience and has made a ton of clutter disappear. Richard replaced 77 remotes with one Control4 remote. “I had all these different remotes, for the TVs, the cable boxes, Amazon, Apple TV, the sound system, the fans,” Richard explains. “I was able to reduce all of that down to one portable. And it works! It’s totally reliable.”

Not surprisingly, and more than anything, this penthouse was built for entertaining, which automation supports in many ways. “Welcome” sensors detect when guests enter a room and automatically turn on lights and start the music. Even before Richard arrives, he can trigger the three in-house ice-makers remotely to start cranking out ice for a party. People operate the system using SR-260 handheld remotes, 7-inch touch screens, or their iPhones. Richard’s personal favorite feature? Having his beloved McIntosh sound system included in the automation. Now, he can adjust specific settings like the audio equalizer via Control4. “You just push a button and, boom, it sets it all up for you.”

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